Do you know an exceptional IET volunteer who should be recognised for the incredible work they do?

The IET Volunteer Core Values Awards are a great way to shine a spotlight on the positive impact our volunteers make each and every day.

We want to celebrate those individuals who have done something exceptional or stood out from the crowd by going above and beyond what’s required to make a real difference to those around them.

As well as recognition, the Volunteer Core Values Awards are a way of thanking our volunteers for the important work they do, and, with our 150th anniversary in full swing, it’s a great way to celebrate our volunteer difference makers!

There are three categories that anyone over the age of 18 can choose from to nominate:

  • Integrity – recognising an IET volunteer who behaves in a professional, open and honest way, always respecting and valuing the contribution of others
  • Excellence – recognising an IET volunteer who strives to deliver excellent service and satisfaction by introducing innovative solutions that add value, and is committed to continuous improvement
  • Teamwork – recognising a team that encourages IET volunteers or IET staff and volunteers to work together and recognises the value of harnessing individual talents through teamwork and collaborates with others.

Nominations are open until 30 June 2021

If you have someone in mind who you think should be nominated for a Volunteer Core Values Award, simply complete an online nomination form before 30 June 2021.

More information is available on Core Values Awards for volunteers web or you can access the nomination form direct through our online portal.

It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Remember, the more information and examples you give in your nomination, the better the chance of winning.