The IET at Futurebuild, ExCeL: London 2020

We took the opportunity to ask some of the innovators in retrofit their thoughts on the climate change emergency the UK currently faces. We wanted to know if they thought the UK was on its way to achieving net-zero by 2050. The video highlights the importance of Whole House Retrofit and how Brexit will affect the UK’s 2050 net-zero goal.

Futurebuild 2020: Are we on our way to achieving net zero by 2050?

In addition, at the event Rick Hartwig, IET Built Environment Lead, introduced a panel on the Retrofit Roadmap, revealing how government policy can enable a retrofit to thrive. The panel consisted of Sara Fletcher, Principal Policy & Programme Officer at New Energy Efficiency Programmes at the Greater London Authority, Chris Jofeh, Chair of Welsh Government Advisory - Group on the decarbonisation of Welsh Housing Stock, and Ron van Erck, Co-founder and Head of International Market Development at Energiesprong.

Rick Hartwig said: “Spending most of the time on the IET stand, I was encouraged to see the enthusiasm for retrofit and a recognition of the urgency in meeting the challenge. The panel I chaired focussed on the need for policy to lead the way in fixing the Built Environment. Comments that have stayed with me are we need ‘to think big, start small and scale fast’, ‘mind the gap’ to ensure delivery as designed and a ‘comfort plan’ for all householders”.

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