IET Member and Customer Survey 2019

Our Member Survey aims to provide a high-level barometer of the value of IET membership as perceived by members and provides a valuable indicator and historical benchmark of member satisfaction. Responses are considered by us as part of a wider picture of member feedback and continuous improvement.

The survey was conducted online, launching in October 2019 and closing in November 2019 and was open to the entire IET membership base, an approach that was first adopted for the 2015 survey. Selected questions were also open to non and former IET members for the first time. The survey is biennial taking place every other year. The last IET member survey was conducted in 2017.

The 2019 survey achieved a total of 7,338 responses (6,780 members; 282 non-members; 276 former members) – a 4% member response rate (2017 Survey received a response of 7,764).

Some of the key survey findings from the 2019 survey include:

  • The membership value score of 3.44 (average score on a 1-5 scale) has increased since the last survey when it was 3.29. The value score has risen every year since 2015 when it was at 3.19.
  • At an overall level, the top three most important aspects of membership are: ‘Being part of a respected professional body’, ‘Professional recognition and status’ and ‘Access to up-to-date knowledge, research and resources’.
  • Among those that have held their membership for less than or equal to two years, almost seven in 10 feel that membership has met or exceeded their expectations.
  • Members overwhelmingly agree with the statements: ‘I am proud to be a member of the IET’ (79% rate 7-10 where 10 is agree very strongly) and ‘It is important for the IET to provide a collective voice for the profession’ (87% rate 7-10 where 10 is agree very strongly).
  • It would be desirable to have stronger agreement with the following statements: ‘The IET helps me develop my professional knowledge and skills’: 48% rating 7-10 (where 10 is agree very strongly); ‘The resources provided by the IET support my career’: 45% rating 7-10 (where 10 is agree very strongly); ‘The IET understands the issues that matter to me’: 41% rating 7-10 (where 10 is agree very strongly).

You can view and download the full 2019 survey results by following the link below. You will need to log into your account to access the results.

Results are being discussed by IET Council and the Board of Trustees.

Please note that the next IET Member Survey is due to take place in Q3/Q4 2021. We encourage all members to take part and have their say.

For further information about the survey, please contact Oliver Kelly.

The 2019 survey results are no longer available.