IET Local Members Help Care Homes Get Covid-19 PPE

In early March, Friends of Rugby St. Cross hospital put out a call for PPE to meet the needs of care homes in the Rugby district of Warwickshire. MMN had been contacted by a couple of manufacturing companies/suppliers who wanted to help but did not know how to get involved. The Network, recognising the urgent need and the well-publicised shortage of PPE supply and dangers to care home residents, decided to try to help.

Led by MMN Chair, David Archer, Ian Williamson, Colin Davis and Marcelle Batson-Warner had some initial success in matching some companies with Friends of Rugby St. Cross hospital. This spurred them on to do more, so they created the Warwickshire Manufacturing Alliance alongside the University of Warwick WMG, Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and the local IET Networks. They were able to find a sizable group of local sources and regional sources of PPE supply and also companies that had converted their production facilities to make PPE or wanted to.

In the Midlands, several well-known companies began to change production facilities to begin producing PPE. Their help and that of companies already making and distributing PPE has been extraordinary.

The team through the alliance have, to date, been able to provide 30 companies to WCC who are buying and distributing the PPE into Warwickshire care homes and other organizations with suppliers of PPE who have responded to their urgent need.

They have also helped facilitate several companies meet the stringent standards for the production of PPE by engaging with the Trading Standards representatives on the WCC.

This is just one example of how IET Members continue to support local populations worldwide. If you’ve got a success story you would like to share, please email us at