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IET launches its Look At Me Now campaign

Look At Me Now highlights role models for young people to encourage them to pursue STEM education and careers within engineering and technology. The campaign shows us that the child who loved LEGO now designs buildings; the child with the telescope is now an astronaut; and, the child who dreamed of being a magician is now an electronics engineer. Take a look at what inspired them to change the world through technology and solve problems with engineering.

Toys and imagination create a world of possibilities and invention for children. Our toys and dreams today, impact our innovations tomorrow. The IET is highlighting how this can set them on a fulfilling path of becoming an engineer, as we inspire the next generation to engineer a better world. Our real-life case studies give young people the advice and experience from qualified engineers and technicians. Look At Me Now highlights their passions as children right the way through to how this influenced their choices which led them to exciting roles within engineering and technology now!

Read our stories from STEM professionals to see what inspired them as children to set them on the path to their careers today. Learn about the toys they enjoyed playing with and the subjects that helped them pursue their passions, innovation and creativity.

You can also download our games, activities and resources to keep your children entertained and show them all the fun and exciting opportunities there are within our industry!

If you’re a STEM professional we’d love to hear from you! Visit our website for more details or contact us at