IET COVID-19 Communication Member survey

We are keen to find effective ways to engage with our members and this survey has provided a great opportunity to learn what our members want. We want to use your comments to improve our relationship with you and ensure everyone can get the most out of their membership and can use our resources and webinars effectively.

Since lockdown started we have hosted over 100 webinars to keep the engineering community connected, as well as creating a variety of online resources and tools. We are pleased to see from the survey that many of you have been using these resources during the lockdown and have found them useful. We are pleased that the majority of respondents are happy with how the IET engages with members, with many of you feeling positive about how we have adapted to having a primarily online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the feedback received, we will continue to focus on promoting the webinars and resources we have to offer by ensuring they are visible and accessible for all members. This will also involve working on being able to, where possible, post content from webinars and online courses for those who were unable to attend to ensure important and useful content is not missed. We are continuing to adapt to providing our services and support virtually and hope you continue to utilise our COVID-19 webpage and other resources available on our website

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our survey. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and important to us. We hope to continue to help you get the most from your IET membership, especially at this time.