Engineering Designers to help the NHS in COVID-19 outbreak

We are suggesting that those engineers could supply some of their spare time to a coordinated provision of engineers focused on solving the problems deriving from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The ventilator shortage is foremost in people’s minds, but there are other issues too, many of which can be solved by the collective thoughts of engineers across the UK.

The Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) intend to lead a project that brings engineers and designers together to collaborate on problems sent directly from the NHS or other care providers across the globe and other sectors who may need engineering and design solutions as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

This could be something as simple as a device to enable an elderly or vulnerable person to accept a food parcel, or as complex as a mass-produced ventilator.

This is in addition to the initiatives established by the Royal Academy of Engineering which are coordinating top-down challenges from the NHS and government and asking for hands-on volunteers on site.