Turing Talk 2020, Digital Twins: The Next Phase of the AI Revolution?

The Turing Talk will be taking place in London, Manchester and Belfast:

  • London Savoy Place on Monday 17 February
  • The University of Manchester on Wednesday 19 February
  • Assembly Building, Belfast on Thursday 20 February

Our Turing Talk speaker this year is Mark Girolami, an academic statistician who worked with IBM for ten years as a Chartered Engineer. Mark is currently the Programme Director of Data-Centric Engineering at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

His research lies at the intersection of Statistical, Mathematical and Computing Sciences, where he has made major contributions to the development of Machine Learning and applications in the Engineering and Natural Sciences. In 2019 he was elected to the Sir Kirby Laing Chair of Civil Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

During this EngTalk, Mark Girolami will discuss Digital Twins and chart their history to present-day technological capability. This will involve looking at some of the advances being made and the opportunities along with the open challenges faced to realise the potential of Digital Twins.

All of the events are free to attend and will take place from 6 pm until 8.30 pm approx.

Digital Twins: The Next Phase of the AI Revolution?