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"Winning an IET award as a student helped kickstart my career"

Oishi says that winning the IET award has had an influence on her career and professional opportunities. “Receiving recognition from a prestigious institution like the IET has really helped me to get noticed,” she says. “It’s validated my credibility and provided me with opportunities to connect with other engineering professionals.”

Standing out to employers

Oishi first heard about our awards and scholarships programme at university, as her degree was IET-accredited. She decided to apply for an IET award for the financial contribution towards her studies, as well as recognition from the engineering community. Her employer from her placement year at Rolls-Royce and her university placement tutor supported her application by providing references.  

After several months of anticipation, Oishi heard she was successful. She shared the good news with her university and her supporters at Rolls-Royce. This achievement, added to her performance at university and on her placement year, made her stand out and when she graduated in 2017, Rolls-Royce had a job ready for her.

“I am now working in the Control System department,” she says. “I perform Hardware Software Integration (HSI) testing for various software components that go into the Electronic Engine Controller (EEC) of the aircraft engine. I’m fascinated by practical, hands-on work and I enjoy solving problems that relate to the real world.”

Supporting new ventures

Oishi’s achievements as a student led to more than just a dream job. She received a prize from the British Computer Society for the best student graduating on her course, and she later applied for the Sky Women in Tech Scholars programme 2018, which provides winners with £25,000 funding and mentoring support for a technical project. Oishi listed her past achievements in her application (including her IET award) and managed to beat off competition to become a Scholar.

“My project involves developing a predictive analytic model using machine learning algorithms,” she says. “I’m particularly interested in how the model can help local authorities and support caregivers in detecting early signs of vulnerability, identifying young people at risk who require tailored support and advice.”

Ongoing professional opportunities

While Oishi has gone on to greater things since receiving the IET award, it’s been the start of a close connection with her institution. She is now a Member and volunteers as a Young Professional Ambassador, speaking in schools, colleges and universities, mentoring young people and supporting STEM activities.

A career and confidence boost

To those students considering applying for an IET award, Oishi recommends it. “I would say definitely apply for it,” she says. “Having support from the IET is very useful to your career and very confidence-boosting.”

Oishi adds that when she was 14, her sister, just two years older than her, passed away. “If this taught me one thing,” she says. “It’s that life doesn’t always give you a second chance, so take every opportunity that comes your way.”


We offer various awards to support and recognise engineering and technology students and apprentices:

  • Diamond Jubilee Scholarships for A-level and Scottish equivalent students about to embark on an IET-accredited degree course in Autumn 2019.
  • Engineering Horizons Bursary for students and apprentices in any year of an IET Approved Apprenticeship Scheme and students in any year of an IET accredited degree course with BTEC, HNC, HND and similar entry qualifications or who are in need of financial assistance.
  • Prizes for students specialising in certain sectors.

Gain recognition from the IET ­— and the engineering community — by applying for one of our awards.