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IET India host first edition of Engineering the Future of Work

The Future of Work conference was a daylong event chaired by Mandeep Maitra, Chair of the IET Engineering the Future of Work Steering Committee. It was attended by over 100 delegates and had 30 speakers throughout the day. As the first of its kind, Future of Work sought to create a roadmap for India to solve the #JigsawOfWork for one of the world’s largest and most complex work forces.

The event opened the conversation up to very real issues India is facing in the future of work. Panels and speakers discussed topics such as the Future of Blue-Collar Work in India, The Impact of AI and Automation on job security and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

IET India host first edition of Engineering the Future of Work

Left to right: Robin Bhowmik, Shekhar Sanyal, Naomi Climer, Manmeet Singh, Mandeep Maitra and Anitha Kaveri

Reema Nanavaty, Leader of the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India (SEWA) gave a super keynote address on democratising the Future of Work in India. She discussed the need to make the framework of the Future of Work, accessible by millions working across a diverse spread of industries both rural and urban. Technological advancements are changing the way we work, it is important that the future of work is an inclusive discussion that considers all industries and professions.

Past IET President, Naomi Climer, Co-Chair of the Institute for the Future of Work, was a keynote speaker and gave a presentation on Creating a society that is Future of Work ready. Her talked discussed ethics and fairness in the workplace by focusing on the ‘People First’.

Naomi Climer said: “India has one of the largest and most complex workforces in the world. It is great to see IET India addressing the critical topic of the Future of Work with a conference of key players to discuss how to harness the potential benefits of a good future of work. It was a really well constructed, interdisciplinary and thought-provoking day with a really impressive array of speakers.

“The expertise on stage offered a number of different perspectives on the future of work issues in India. The IET's Playbook issued at the end of the event neatly pulled together a number of the key themes discussed and has been a useful reference point.”

An exclusive guide to navigating through the evolving world of work in India was released at the end of the event. IET’s Future of Work Playbook looks at how the development of technology and science will affect workers within the engineering and technology industries.

The playbook highlights the best practices for meaningful work and creates a guideline that would help build organisational designs and policies feasible for the Future of Work domain. It has a five ‘P’ framework that focuses on People and skills, Platforms, Places, Practices and Policies for the future of Work that focuses on forces shaping the future, trends around technological changes and their impact on work and workforce.

Shekhar Sanyal, IET India Country Head and Director, said:

“The IET, in its goal of working to engineer a better world, has built a neutral platform with key stakeholders to help create a roadmap to navigate the changes we can expect to see to the future of work. We are delighted by the outcome of the event, to be able to foster these discussions and assess all key quadrants such as higher education, organisation constructs, personal skills and growth and future frameworks, will make the transition to the future easier.

“We hope that with the launch of India’s first-ever Future of Work playbook, which offers a dedicated guide to navigate the demands of tomorrows’ jobs, the transition to this future will be eased. We look forward to more individuals and organisations joining us in solving the biggest jigsaw in the future of work”.

Check out the Future of Work website for more details and photos from the event or search #JigsawOfWork on social media.