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IET celebrates This is Engineering Day

The campaign is being launched this year, in support of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, with 6 November being declared This is Engineering Day. The Royal Academy of Engineering created the campaign to address the significant skills and diversity shortage within the engineering profession.

Together, we will celebrate those within the engineering industry and contribute to more diverse and representative images being accessible online and offline.

The goal is to showcase the breadth of exciting opportunities within engineering. It is a stimulating and rewarding path that more young people should be encouraged to pursue.

Currently, only 12% of professional engineers are women and only 9% are BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). The main issue is the lack of role models, people can’t be what they cannot see.

There is still a deep-rooted, stereotypical representation of engineering within society that shows men in hard hats and dirty overalls.

This has prompted the Royal Academy of Engineering to call on organisations such as the IET, to help change the public perception of engineers by showing a different and more representative image of the profession. We are working together to show young people how cutting edge and innovative engineering really is.

As part of their campaign, the Royal Academy of Engineering has profiled young engineers to showcase the amazing work engineers can achieve and highlight role models to encourage the future generation to pursue a career in engineering.

It is shaping our future so it’s important to get the next generation excited about engineering.

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For more information on the campaign, and to show your support visit the This is Engineering website and follow @ThisIsEngineering on Instagram.

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