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Electrical Fire Safety Week 18-24 November #EFSW

The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the risks that may be present from electricity, either in the form of the electrical installation or from individual electrical items. A recent report, Commercial Fires in Hertfordshire, extracted data to identify the number of fires in commercial premises. In a 5-year period from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2018, 949 commercial fires were recorded in Hertfordshire. The majority of electrical fires were put down to accidental causes.

The National Campaign, #EFSW, sets to raise awareness about electrical fire safety and the way to reduce risks. This includes highlighting counterfeit goods bought online. Often buyers are unaware that the goods may not be genuine and therefore have not passed strict safety laws. Other increasing risks include overloaded sockets, daisy-chaining extension cables and extension cables not being fully unwound.

The campaign is important not only to commercial premises but to the safety of individuals. As we enter the festive period, it is important that individuals are aware of their increased electrical loading. Regular safety checks are essential. For commercial premises, it is important that the electrical installation is inspected and portable appliance testing is carried out.

The amount of electrical equipment within domestic households is continuing to grow. More items than ever rely on being charged through an electrical source. Many ‘white goods’ have been attributed as the source of electrical fires. It is important to register any electrical items purchased and ensure periodic inspections are carried out to test that electrical items are suitable and in safe working order.

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