Support for IET members past and present, their families and dependents affected by recent terror attacks

We have over 1,000 members based in Sri Lanka and our office in India is actively working with Sri Lanka Local Network volunteers to contact all local members and their families to ascertain their wellbeing and where necessary put them in touch with IET Connect who can provide financial support to help people in a crisis.

We have set up a help desk for our Sri Lanka Members at the India office. The details are as given below:

  • Helpdesk Number: +91 (0) 80 40892222
  • Whatsapp Number: +91 (0) 9538400431
  • Email:

IET Connect support IET members both past and present, together with their immediate families and dependents across the world.

More information on the services provided by IET Connect is available on their website at or you can call their helpline +44 (0)20 7344 5498 Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm UK Time.