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China-Britain AI Summit to take place

The IET is working with China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF) to host a China-Britain AI Summit on 21 June 2019. Taking place at IET London: Savoy Place, this unique event will bring together Chinese and British expertise in the field of AI.

China’s “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” has put the country on the path to becoming the world leader in artificial intelligence. In the UK the AI market has seen rapid growth over the last few years, with an increasing number of start-ups in this area, making it one of the leaders in the field too.

Attendees will hear keynote talks and panel discussions on the current AI landscape in both countries, the latest technological innovation and its applications, the impact of AI on our way of life and the ethics surrounding its use. This will be complemented by live technology demonstrations.

The event builds on the success of the inaugural China-Britain AI Summit in 2017 which brought together leading AI experts from China and Britain. The 2017 Summit generated discussions on the social implications of AI and the role of smart technologies.

To register, please visit the China-Britain AI Summit 2019 webpage. IET members can avail a 10 per cent discount by quoting this code: IET5CBBF.