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Take part in our Global Challenge and help solve our plastic problem

We'd like you to use your engineering, technical and commercial skills to develop an innovative solution to help clean up the increasing amount of plastic waste in our oceans.

Greenpeace and GreenSeas Trust have helped to set two very different challenges and your team will need to solve one of them to be in with the chance of working with organisations that can make a real difference.

According to Greenpeace, our oceans are slowly turning into a "plastic soup." Part of the problem is single-use plastic. It means that huge amounts of plastic, which can take hundreds of years to break down, are entering our oceans.

A large proportion of plastic in our oceans is also due to "improperly disposed of rubbish" and accidental propagation by winds, drains and floods, says GreenSeas Trust.

Besides washing up on our shorelines, marine birds and wildlife can get entangled in plastic or mistake it for food. It is entering the food chain and we don't know the long-term effects of this on human health.

In addition to setting the scenarios, a representative from each organisation will help to judge the entries we receive.  They will also help us publicise the challenge through their networks.

Watch our short Global Challenge video to find out more and, if you'd like to take part, the entry criteria and challenge information are available on our website.

The first submission deadline date is 14 March 2019 and you can follow the challenge on social media: #IETSaveOurSeas.