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IET celebrates 20 years working with Scarecrow Consultants

The IET works with engineering experts to produce course and journal content and provide author resources to members – this includes working with Scarecrow Consultants, which offers a range of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) related services.

Starting 20 years ago when the IET was the IEE, the team behind Scarecrow Consultants came on board and were asked to provide a single training course in the use of Unified Modelling Language. Since then, the team have been providing between three and four courses per year in the use of modelling techniques for Systems Engineering.

Systems Engineering helps us to understand, specify and develop complex systems and can be applied to the entire development life cycle and across a wide set of disciplines. As the Systems and their associated problems become increasingly complex, and as they move towards becoming Systems-of Systems, in this ever-more connected world, the need for more rigorous, demonstrable and repeatable techniques increases. The application of modelling to Systems Engineering activities, known as Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE), offers such a capability.

As well as training courses, Scarecrow Consultants have published eights books through the IET. This started in 2001 with the publication of 'UML for Systems Engineering' which was then re-written as a second edition in 2006. Since then 'SysML for Systems Engineering' was published which has evolved into a 1000-page book – the third edition of this book is due to be published later this year. Alongside these, Scarecrow has also published books on modelling enterprise architectures, modelling requirements and modelling patterns for MBSE.

Although a small company with only five consultants, Scarecrow’s team are all Chartered Engineers, some at Fellow level, and are recognised internationally as being outstanding in the field of MBSE. They all regularly publish papers at conferences and collectively have published 15 books, via three publishers, in the field of MBSE, more than any other organisation in the world.

Professor Jon Holt, who runs the consultancy and is a fellow of the IET, said: “It has been a pleasure and honour working closely with the team at the IET for the last 20 years. I believe that the relationship has offered some great opportunities for both the IET and Scarecrow and it has also enabled us to give something back to the IET members. Here's to the next 20 years!”

Joanne Collins, IET Courses Manager, added: “We have enjoyed a long relationship with Scarecrow Consultants and being able to offer training courses taught by the organisation  who have written such important reference works is a privilege”.