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Share your story and inspire another engineer

Your story could be powerful - sharing opportunities within the IET with others and inviting them to play a bigger role in the engineering and technology community.

We'd particularly like to hear from you if:

  • you've achieved professional success or awards, with help from the IET
  • you've overcome obstacles in your career, making use of IET resources
  • your IET volunteering experience has benefited you and / or your community
  • you've used an IET product or service, or attended an IET event that has made a difference to your career.

Please contact us with your idea at membernews@theiet.org before you begin writing. We can advise whether we will be able to publish your story.

Where will my story be shared?

You'll have the opportunity to discuss this with us in more detail as there are a number of possibilities including our website, Member News publication or email, social media channels and Engineering Communities.

No time to write a story?

No problem! If you can provide us with the details or an interview, our professional writers will do the rest of the work for you. We'll run the final piece by you for sign-off.


Please send us your ideas at membernews@theiet.org. We look forward to hearing from you.