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IET President's Address on IET.tv

The new President of the IET explored the hidden technology behind digital TV compression which has had a massive impact on the way society consumes media. His President’s Address took place on Thursday 11 October, 6.30pm, at IET London: Savoy Place. Mike Carr OBE, became the 148th President of the IET on 1 October 2018 and his President’s Address will mark his first official engagement.

Tickets sold out for the event, but it can be watched live via IET.tv. His presentation will reveal the evolution of video compression engineering from its beginnings 50 years ago through to today’s ubiquitous technology. This technology is everywhere, it’s in your smartphone, in your TV set. It could even be in your doorbell. He will also examine how this technology could evolve in the future.

Mike said: “Most young people today take for granted the instant access they have to hundreds of high-resolution TV channels, the millions of YouTube videos that can be accessed via your phone and films they can store on a single memory stick.

“Technology is changing rapidly; it’s now 50 years since the very first experiments in digital video compression and there is a vast range of techniques that have been explored, improved and in many cases discarded.

“As with most areas of engineering, improved understanding in combination with increased technical capability has enabled a progression of significant improvements. It’s exciting to think what the next 50 years of digital compression will look like and the vital role of engineers and technologists in enabling ideas and creating products and services to transform the way we watch video.”

Mike’s early career focused on the research, development and design of real-time audio visual and multimedia communications systems championing technological innovation. Until November 2008, Mike was BT’s Chief Science Officer responsible for the company’s world-leading Research Labs and Commercial Exploitation Unit.

For those attending the event, the following companies and organisations will also be present to showcase their work as part of the Technology Showcase.

Snelling Biz

Snelling Biz is one of the fastest growing Audio Visual integration specialists in the UK, with a vast portfolio of projects delivered for Corporate, Higher Education, Government and Public Sector. They deliver all aspects of audio visual integration from design, integration, supply, installation and on-going maintenance.

Open Energi

Open Energi create advanced technology to deliver an affordable, zero carbon energy future. We automate and optimise a global network of distributed energy resources to radically reduce energy costs and provide flexible capacity to enable a 100% renewable energy system.

Year of Engineering

The Year of Engineering is a government campaign to showcase engineering careers. 2018 is the Year of Engineering and there are plenty of ways that you can still get involved to promote engineering to the next generation.

IET Multimedia Communications Network

Find out about what the IET Multimedia Communications Network is up to and how you could get involved.

IET Education

The IET offers a wide range of FREE curriculum-linked STEM resources aimed at young people from the age of 5 years through to 19 years for schools/teachers, community group leaders and parents.

IET Member Rewards

The IET have partnered with a variety of companies to help you save money on top global brands including UK attractions, car hire and hotel groups so you can make the most out of your membership.