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IET launches new EngShorts videos to highlight the role of engineering in addressing societal issues

The IET is launching a series of short, 60-second videos aimed at the general public, which focus on key engineering issues affecting society – from whether we use too much plastic to whether we’ll have enough food in the future.

The aim of the videos is to highlight the important role that engineering plays in addressing key challenges that affect us all, and will act as an opinion piece to generate and contribute to discussions on hot topics that feature in the media.

We’ve been working with IET members, volunteers and sector stakeholders to develop a range of topics including “Should five-year-olds learn to code?” which looks at whether we should be encouraging young people to learn digital skills from an earlier age.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to watch and share the videos and get involved in the discussions. If you have a suggestion for a future EngShorts topic, or you’d like to tell us what you think about this initiative, please contact the IET Strategic Engagement and Partnerships team – sep@theiet.org.