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IET Healthcare event will examine Big Data made smart in Health and Care

The IET is hosting a Healthcare event in Leeds on 18 October 2018 as part of its series of Think BIG Future Health and Life Science events in partnership with British Computing Society, the Chartered Institute of IT.

Healthcare data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in giving healthcare practitioners the ability to pick up warning signs of serious illness much earlier than conventional tests, enabling patients to receive the treatment they need much sooner. With this potential, the event sessions will explore how to maximise the value of our data and begin to make a real impact on healthcare and cost implications.

The evening will include insights from leading healthcare professionals, a series of case studies that highlight the transformation that’s occurring in healthcare data and analytics right now. Attendees will be able to take part in breakout sessions, ask questions, develop strategies and explore some of the healthcare sector’s unique analytics challenges. There will also be plenty of opportunity for networking with other professionals in this field.

For more information on attending and participating, please visit the Big Data Made Smart in Health and Care web page.[Link]