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IET at party conferences

The conference season has begun with the TUC and Liberal Democrats already holding their autumn events. The IET will be attending Labour (23 – 26 September in Liverpool), Conservative (30 September – 3 October in Birmingham) and SNP (7 – 9 October in Glasgow).

At the Labour and Conservative conferences the IET is supporting an Apprenticeships Forum. Other sponsors include: Raytheon and World Skills. The events provide an opportunity for the IET to contribute to the debate around apprenticeships, which are a vital route into engineering.  The IET will also be able to pose questions to Government Ministers and Shadow Ministers.

Meanwhile at the SNP conference, the IET will be supporting a debate on the rural economy which will highlight issues such as connectivity and the infrastructure improvements needed to promote innovation in non-urban areas. This will be attended by the Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy.

Robert Beahan, IET Public Affairs Manager, said: “As the largest professional engineering institution in the UK, it’s vital that we have effective working relationships with the Government and main opposition parties to ensure that the IET becomes a stronger influencer for UK engineering-related policy. 

“We’re living in politically challenging times so it’s important that we engage across the political spectrum to highlight the hugely important role that engineering has to play in a healthy economy.”

If you’re attending the party conferences, or just interested in following what’s happening, please follow the action on Twitter, using: @ApprForum #ApprenticeshipsForum @TheIET @UKLabour @Conservatives @TheSNP