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Conference will explore the impact of AI on our lives

The one-day event at IET London: Savoy Place will bring together leading scientists, engineers, opinion formers, politicians and the media to discuss the changes that AI technology will offer us and what we need to do to ensure that it works in the best interests of society both now and in the future.

This is the second annual conference organised by Cooley LLP, Future Intelligence and the IET to examine the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the population. The focus of the event is a pragmatic assessment of where AI technology is, where it is going, and what this means for improving people’s lives.

Consisting of thought-provoking case studies, keynotes and discussions that will equip attendees with the right skills and knowledge to understand the current landscape, the event will feature a line-up of leading figures from across the field – visionary speakers from industry and academia, as well as tech entrepreneurs and much more.

This year’s speakers include Lord Clement-Jones CBE who co-chairs the UK government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence and Representatives from Google, Nara Logics and the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Jackie Hunter CBE from BenevolentAI will also speak at the event.

Last year’s conference prompted the House of Lords Select Committee to produce “AI in the UK: Ready, willing and able,” its latest report into the technology.