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Have you updated your browser lately?

As part of our ongoing efforts to present online content and services in line with industry standards, we continually review how we offer these in a safe and secure environment. This is to ensure we are providing the latest and most secure platforms for our members and customers.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Council have issued a mandate affecting all websites that process payments, therefore we are making changes to our website and this may affect you if you are using an outdated web browser.

From 27 June 2018, the IET will cease to support old versions of browsers, after which our website will only be accessible on modern browsers. If you are using an old version of a web browser, you may see an error message when trying to access the IET website.

We recommend that you use newer web browser versions so that your device can:

  • Provide added security to enable a safe browsing experience
  • Efficiently and correctly present web content to you
  • Allow you to see and use more features.

To check what version of a web browser you are using, please see whatsmybrowser.org.

The UK government has published CyberAware.gov.uk which provides help on updating your device and software.