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IET Power Electronics Editor-in-Chief takes part in CAST Forum in Zhejiang, China

China has now overtaken the USA to take first place in the volume of published science and engineering research. In May, Professor Volker Pickert, Editor-in-Chief of IET Power Electronics was invited to take part in a forum at the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) to discuss the challenges faced by the research community and the future of research journals in supporting science and innovation.

The theme of the Forum was “Open, Global, Developmental: Better Journals, Better Science.” 16 editors of world-leading STEM journals attended, including those from Science, Nature, Immunity (a cell press journal), the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Applied Physics, as well as flagship journals from China. The editors were interviewed by national mainstream science and technology media on peer review, open science, data sharing and the role that STEM journals play in the evolving research ecosystem.

The group discussed topics including the reproducibility of research data and data sharing, opening up the research process and leveraging technological advances to disseminate research output quickly and efficiently.

During the forum Professor Volker Pickert, Head of the Electrical Power Group at Newcastle University, gave a talk about capturing cutting-edge science topics and attracting leading authors. He said that, as Editor-in-Chief for IET Power Electronics, he is proud of the achievements of the editorial board in successfully positioning the journal as one of the leading publications in this area. In the engineering community it is important to link the journal with the industry and society challenges.

The real impact of the research should be to an extent in which it helps solve the greatest challenges in society, rather than the simple metrics of citations. IET Power Electronics will continue to focus on achieving and maintaining excellence to support the Power Electronics research community.