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Nabeel Mehdi becomes first Present Around The World video heat winner

Earlier this year we launched a brand new video round for IET Present  Around The World competitors who want to take part in the competition but don’t live close enough to attend a local heat in person.

Nabeel Mehdi has won our first-ever video heat, winning £150, and will now go on to compete in the Americas final taking place in Ottawa on 11 August 2018. Elsewhere, local heats are continuing to take place across the world until May and you can follow updates online with #IETPATW.

Nabeel’s presentation called “E-mutiny” explores various aspects concerning the internet and its impact on mankind. During his presentation, Nabeel presents a blockchain based internet 2.0 ecosystem solution.

This isn’t the first time Nabeel has competed in the IET Present Around The World competition. In 2012 he was a regional runner-up in the Asia Pacific round when he was an undergraduate based in India. After completing his degree in Electrical Engineering he worked as an Engineering Manager in the United Arab Emirates before deciding to undertake a further degree in engineering. He has recently graduated from North Carolina State University in the USA.

Speaking about the online heat, Nabeel said: “For me the ‘online heat’ is a fantastic opportunity and I couldn’t have participated in Present Around The World without it.

"It is an excellent and very creative initiative by the IET. I am very excited about competing in the next round.”

Good luck to all our IET Present Around The World competitors!