Meet IET Present Around The World 2017 winner Shubham Saraff

22 January 2018
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IET President, Nick Winser, with 2017 IET Present Around The World winner Shubham Saraff

Shubham's inspiring presentation on the "Neurons that Shape Us" beat competition from the Americas, UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa to win the coveted £1,000 prize.

In November 2017 university undergraduate Shubham Saraff travelled to London to compete in the final of the IET Present Around The World competition having previously won his local and regional heats in South Asia. In total, 106 heats were held across the globe and Shubham was the youngest amongst the finalists.


Shubham is currently studying Computer Science Bioinformatics Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology, India. He already has his sights set on global thought leadership and pursuing a Master’s degree.


Shubham’s award-winning presentation explored how recently discovered neurons in our brains have helped shape human evolution. In his engaging talk, Shubham put forward the case that, by exploiting special characteristics within these neurons and manipulating the feedback our brain receives, we can help cure neurological disorders like Stuttering, Parkinsons and Autism. The finalists’ presentations, including Shubham’s, are available to watch on IET.tv.


Speaking about his win, Shubham said: “Recognition by the jury and audience meant a strong validation of my belief that technology can be effectively used for human development. The prize also assured me that I had delivered my presentation to my best efforts. While accepting the honour from the IET President, I felt humbled as I shared the platform with Nobel Laureates and Inventors.”


Prior to winning the final, Shubham had already established himself as a young technology entrepreneur by setting up a start-up that helps to redefine the security ecosystem of any nation through its efficient use of digital technology. In addition to receiving this latest accolade, Shubham has been Founder and Charter President at Interact RNP, the Youth Wing of Rotary International in Mumbai.


Following his win, Shubham was invited back to the UK in January to present his paper on Artificial Intelligence at the World Summit on Advanced Science, Engineering and Technology at Cambridge University. His thought-provoking paper was awarded the best paper at the entire conference.


Shubham has also been getting more involved in IET activities: “I have already begun volunteering at the Campus Interactions in colleges and shall be participating as a Speaker at the forthcoming IET South Asia Community Volunteers’ Conference in February. Now that I have been elected to the Technical and Professional Networks Communities Committee as its youngest member, I intend to utilise the platform to spread awareness regarding IET activities amongst the fraternity of engineering students and help strengthen the global IET Community network.”


If you are a Student or Young Professional and would like to find out more about taking part in the next IET Present Around The World heats, please visit the IET Present Around The World web page.