IET welcomes Major Tim Peake to Savoy Place for RTS/IET joint lecture

31 October 2017
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Major Tim Peake with IET Young Professionals and members of the IET Strategic Engagement and Partnerships team.

IET London: Savoy Place hosted the Royal Television Society (RTS) and IET joint public lecture on 25 October 2017.

The IET was delighted to welcome astronaut Major Tim Peake to IET London: Savoy Place for the RTS / IET joint lecture last Wednesday (25 October 2017). The event, which filled the IET’s Kelvin Lecture theatre, not only attracted IET and RTS members, but also members of the public of all ages.


Tim was interviewed on stage by BBC Worldwide Chief Executive, Tim Davie, whilst he gave an inspirational talk on ‘Life, The Universe and Beyond.’ He is the first British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut to spend six months on the International Space Station from December 2015 to June 2016.


During the event, Tim shared a unique insight into the main challenges he faced, not only in preparing for the mission, but whilst he was on board the International Space Station and when he returned back to Earth. Tim recounted that one of the most difficult tasks he faced during his time in space involved repairing a faulty power unit in a short timeframe before the sun put him at risk of electrocution.


Tim also spoke about where he sees space exploration going in the next 20 years, including how far away we are from sending someone to Mars. He also shared his thoughts on the significance of new players in the space industry, like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, and his hopes to return to space himself sometime in the future. The event was followed by a drinks reception and dinner.


‘Life, The Universe and Beyond’ is the latest in a series of annual joint public lectures hosted by RTS and the IET. The first lecture took place in 2014 and previous interviewees include DeepMind Technologies co-founder, Demi Hassabis, and Nobel Prize-winning geneticist and cell biologist, Sir Paul Nurse. The IET and RTS are two of the six partnering organisations behind the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), which marked its 50th anniversary in Amsterdam earlier this year.


Major Tim Peake’s talk: ‘Life, The Universe and Beyond’ is available to watch now on IET.tv.