New IET publications provide insight into energy management and energy storage

9 August 2017
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The IET has published a Guide to Energy Management.

The IET has published two new energy publications - the Guide to Energy Management and the Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems.

The IET Guide to Energy Management highlights that it must be the responsibility of everyone - from energy and building managers to contractors and visitors - to each play a role in ensuring that organisational energy management is effective. The Guide describes the framework required for successful energy management processes so that energy consumption can be reduced in a meaningful way, and details how energy management can be applied to a number of different building set-ups. The Guide covers areas including policy, procurement and managing performance.


The author of the publication, IET member and former Chair of the IET Built Environment Sector, Cameron Steel, said: “Following extensive consultation and input from the best in the industry, I am pleased that the IET Guide to Energy Management is now published for engineers and energy managers alike. It contains insights, best practice approaches and case studies, all collated in one document to guide organisations’ energy management programmes. Those with a non-technical background will also benefit from the publication.


“Like health and safety, energy management in the workplace should be everyone’s problem. In the Guide, the various roles and responsibilities of staff, contractors and visitors are discussed. This will help you to understand what you, your colleagues and guests should be doing to plan and deliver a coherent, successful energy management plan for your particular organisation.”


The IET has also developed a new Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems. The Code provides practitioners with a reference tool for the safe, effective and competent application of electrical energy storage systems.


The Code has been described as a “landmark document” by Andrew Crossland PhD, Energy Storage Engineer – Solarcentury who was recently crowned ‘Rising Star’ of the year at the Energy UK Young Energy Professionals Forum awards and is founder of MyGridGB.co.uk. He stated that "the Code is key to providing consumer and installer confidence in how to install energy storage safely in properties around the UK."


Frank Gordon, Policy Manager – Renewable Energy Association, agreed that “the Code is a very important tool in better equipping the industry to roll out energy storage systems.  It will enable better connection of innovative storage devices and provide consumer safety and greater peace of mind.”


With news of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the energy regulator Ofgem unveiling plans for a major upgrade of the UK’s energy system alongside a major investment programme for energy storage and electric vehicles, the publication of this Code is timely and sure to be of interest to a wide variety of participants in the energy market.


The July issue of Wiring Matters magazine featured an article showcasing the expertise and thought leaders behind this ground-breaking Code of Practice.


For more information about these publications and the other resources available, please visit the Resources and Standards areas of the IET website. If you are interested in sponsoring a Code of Practice. please visit the Benefits web page.