Call for engineering and technology issues to be at the forefront of the political agenda in lead up to Election

12 May 2017
IET Communications team
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Ahead of the UK General Election on 8 June 2017, the IET is calling on its UK members to help reinforce the 'big engineering issues' with their local Parliamentary candidates.

The IET is encouraging its UK members to champion key engineering and technology issues so that they are at the forefront of future policy making.


In its UK General Election campaign, the IET has identified key requirements that will support prosperity and new opportunities in engineering and technology.


With EU exit negotiations on the horizon, continued access to skilled labour will be crucial for industry, as well as providing the necessary training opportunities to support a digital economy and bridge the imbalance between higher education and technical training.


The recent ‘Engineering an economy that works for all’ report published by the IET and other professional engineering institutions has identified the need for an Industrial Strategy to be long-lasting and stable, with a programme of co-ordinated actions for finance, academia and industry.


In addition to championing enabling technologies and investing in infrastructure to encourage innovation, cyber security should be a key priority for the newly elected Government in helping to protect an increasingly connected world against the threat of cyber-attacks.


Finally, the IET is calling for energy efficiency to be moved up the political agenda and for the new Government to adopt a “whole systems” approach to energy to prepare the UK for a low carbon future.


For more information on the big engineering issues that have been identified in the campaign, please visit the UK General Election campaign web page.