IET releases a new guide on 5G for policy makers

21 March 2017
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The IET's 5G Networks for Policy Makers makes 5G more accessible to policy makers and highlights the most important 5G network changes to be rolled out from 2020. 

The guide has been produced by the IET’s Communications Policy Panel, with the aim of offering independent and impartial advice to help policy makers cut through the many, and potentially confusing, visions of 5G by identifying the policy levers that need to be pulled for the UK to roll out new 5G networks by 2020 –– and get them onto a track to make 5G transformational for the UK economy by 2025.


The main points for policy makers from the guide are:


  • Clearly define the scope of the 5G fabric
  • Focus on securing reliable universal coverage as well as high capacity urban coverage
  • Modernise the regulatory framework to reduce the cost of maximising coverage 


The guide calls on the Government and Ofcom to adopt a bold and ambitious approach in making the right decisions now to deliver the world class digital infrastructure that consumers and business will need over the next decade.


Professor Will Stewart, Vice President of the IET said: “5G has the potential to transform the UK economy, modernise industry and support the fast-growing digital social space so a bold and long-term strategy from Government is vital.


“But it’s important to stress that the 5G investment announced in the Budget will not come anywhere close to bridging the investment gap needed to deliver 5G across the UK - so the Government Strategy’s recognition that regulatory modernisation is needed to make the final bill of delivering 5G more affordable, for example by enabling operators to share networks, is pivotal.


“The biggest challenge for Government will be improving coverage for all, as 5G cannot transform what it doesn’t cover. And achieving universal coverage for the UK, outside high-capacity urban areas, will not be affordable or achievable without regulatory change.


“Ultimately, delivering 5G is not a flash in the pan to be achieved in 2020 but a journey demanding deep and sustained levels of cooperation between governments, regulators, operators, vendors and vertical industries.”


Download the IET 5G Networks for Policy Makers Guide here.