IET launches Enterprise Partners for SMEs

8 July 2016
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Cover of Enterprise Partner flyer

In our mission to inspire, inform and influence the full breadth of the engineering community, we have launched a partnership package for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.


IET Enterprise Partners offers SMEs an account-managed relationship with the IET, as well as membership services for its relevant employees. This arrangement, for SMEs with fewer than 250 employees, complements our existing arrangements with larger companies (Corporate Partners) and universities (Academic Partners).


We will provide Enterprise Partners with professional development solutions, including giving their relevant employees access to professional registration, technical and professional knowledge resources and networking opportunities. By encouraging excellence from all engineers and technicians, whether they work for a big or a small company, we are realising our vision of ‘working to engineer a better world’.


Enterprise Partners will benefit from increased visibility in the engineering community – but we will also benefit from the particular experiences that they bring to the table. Engineers and technicians within SMEs may have more license to work on new and innovative technology and/or they may work within a niche specialism. Their participation in the IET community can only strengthen our technical knowledge.


We look forward to welcoming our new Enterprise Partners to the IET!


If you work for an SME and think that your company may be interested in partnering with us, contact partnerships@theiet.org