Next IET President, Naomi Climer, profiled in the Independent on Sunday

14 September 2015
IET Communications team
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Naomi Climer will become the IET's next President in October.

Naomi Climer, who takes over the helm from William Webb as the first female President in the IET’s history on 1 October 2015, is profiled in the Independent on Sunday.

In her interview with the Independent on Sunday, Naomi Climer speaks about dispelling the myth that engineering is a male profession. Currently in the UK only six per cent of engineers are female.


Naomi says she would like to see more female role models on television - such as a female Doctor Who – and more young engineers visiting schools to speak to students about engineering.


The IET’s ‘Engineer a Better World’ campaign aims to change perceptions amongst parents and children, especially girls, by showing them how diverse and creative engineering roles can be. And as for the possibilities that engineering has to offer, Naomi says: “For decades to come there are going to be interesting, wonderful jobs for engineers in just about anything that interests you. You could make someone’s life better; you could change the world.”


To see the article in full, please visit the Independent on Sunday web page.


Naomi Climer’s President’s Address, entitled ‘Bright Futures with Scattered Cloud’ will take place at IET London: Savoy Place on 11 November. To register for this event, please visit the IET President’s Address web page.