IET commended for use of social media

5 June 2014
IET Communications team
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An image from Deeson Member Communications' social media audit

An image from Deeson Member Communications' social media audit.

Our social media accounts have scored highly in a new audit.

We have been recognised for our significant presence on YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter after ranking highly in a recent social media audit, which looked at how member organisations use social media.

The audit, entitled The big DMC Audit – how are member organisations using social media?, was carried out by Deeson Member Communications and surveyed 20 membership organisations to assess their effectiveness and impact on social media, with categories including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Our YouTube channel was crowned joint winner of the YouTube category, alongside the Association of Accounting Technicians. Our Twitter account also ranked in the top four ‘Top Tweeters’ among the membership organisations audited, and we also placed highly in the LinkedIn category.

This is great news for the IET, as we always want to stay ahead in new technologies, and demonstrate our authority on developing platforms.

The report said: “The Association of Optometrists and Institution of Engineering and Technology both share a variety of third party content to keep feeds interesting and have separate accounts for their flagship membership magazines. The IET’s feed shows a strong use of video content.

“IET’s YouTube channel, theiet, with 445,000 views and 1,790 subscribers, has also organised videos into playlists and has a featured video to promote entry into the annual awards. Video content is varied, from practical sessions on Raspberry Pi to the entertaining, with monkeys which can build and drive a car from parts stolen at a zoo.”

Organisations were judged on their brand consistency, page set up, post frequency, response rate, engagement levels, design customisation, community management, social etiquette, content variety and use of images and video.

More information about the report is available on the Deeson Member Communications website. If you would like to see a copy of the report, please email communications@theiet.org.

If you’d like to follow or like any of the IET social media accounts, please visit the Social Media page on our website.