Healthcare awards most successful on record

23 April 2014
By Keri Allan
Healthcare technology

Applicants for the IET Healthcare Technologies Network’s latest awards reached an all time high.

The Annual Healthcare Technologies Awards and Lecture took place in London last November. The evening saw the winners of the William James and J.A. Lodge awards present a synopsis of their work.

The event, which has been hosted and organised by the IET Healthcare Technologies Network for over 10 years, saw a leap in interest in 2013.

Over 40 students and professionals attended the event and the network had around 25 applicants to the awards, which was an all time high. The network believes this is down to volunteers putting in time and effort to better promote the awards and lecture.

“We’ve put in a lot of effort to drum up more entrants,” explains Peter Bannister, IET Healthcare Technologies Network Chair. “It’s been a common complaint for the last few years that we don’t have enough applicants and even though the people who win are of extremely high quality we felt it would be nice to see more candidates come forward.”

The network hopes to continue growing interest for not only 2014’s awards but for all of its events. There are discussions about joining forces with other institutions to help promotion and to also make the best possible use of the marketing opportunities open to them.

“Even though we are an international network belonging to an international institution it’s very easy to end up catering to a small group of UK universities and people connected to them, and we’re trying to make sure that we live up to the expectation of being international and representing international membership,” says Peter.

“We’ve taken on committee members in Canada and America and we’re aiming to advertise network activities far more widely. I’ve also started a monthly blog on the MyCommunity site to give a regular digest of what’s going on and we’re trying to make sure that we use IET.tv more often for events.

“We’re also planning on setting up a young professionals committee, which will be a steering committee, later this year and we’re going to ask a couple of past award winners if they want to come on board. This work has been good for us and gives us confidence that we can hopefully achieve the same impact with all of our other activities,” he concludes.

You can read more about the Annual Healthcare Technologies Awards on page 17 of Spring 2014’s Member News, and also watch the presentations from the event on the network's MyCommunity page.

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