Faraday Medal winner draws a crowd

27 May 2014
By Keri Allan
Leonardo Chiariglione

MPEG pioneer and IET Faraday Medal winner Leonardo Chiariglione.

Dr Leonardo Chiariglione delivers successful IET lecture in Italy.

The IET Italy Local Network and IET Multimedia Communications Network have worked together to organise a lecture by digital media pioneer and IET Faraday Medal recipient Dr Leonardo Chiariglione.

The lecture, Prospects of multimedia technologies and applications, was held at the University of Bologna last year and attracted a high proportion of students. This was a real highlight for the Local Network’s (LN) Chairman, Dr Michele Fiorini, who was delighted to see such a large number of young engineers attend.

Working with Professors Dino Zanobetti and Ezio Mesini from the university, the venue was arranged free of charge and promotional work began. Behind the scenes IET staff were also supporting the event, with Lisa Miles working as a coordinator in the UK from an early stage, and Marketing Coordinator Aaron Thiele promoting the event to all IET Italy members.

Miles also suggested that the event might benefit from involvement from a Technical and Professional Network (TPN) and so she brought the Multimedia Communications (MMC) Network's Chairman, Phil Clayson, onboard.

“We worked jointly mainly on the promotion of the event and on getting the right audience and the benefit really was huge,” Fiorini enthuses.

“I’d like to point out not only the joint TPN and LN collaboration, but also the transnational dimension of this partnership - having an Italy-UK dimension to the organising team gave a true international dimension to the lecture,” he continues. “International activities are definitely a plus for our Institution. We have to keep in mind that the IET is the largest professional organisation in Europe so why not make concrete use of this at our events?”

“We’ve had very good feedback from attendees. It was an absolute honour to meet Dr Chiariglione and his speech was, of course, brilliant,” says Fiorini.

"The MPEG standards have made a monumental impact to the way the world consumes digital media; to have a speaker of the calibre of Dr Chiariglione share his thoughts with the IET and the University of Bologna was a real highlight. Joint events of this type help the IET have a wider reach into industry and academia,” says Clayson.

Fiorini believes that LN/TPN collaboration can really make a difference to an event and as he highlights below, he hopes to work closely with more technical networks in the future.

“The international and interdisciplinary nature of the event went well and I’m absolutely in favour of doing joint events in the future,” he concludes.

You can view the lecture online.

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