Young Professionals Summit

19 November 2013
By Kristen Facciol
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IET Young Professionals Summit 2013

Discussions at the IET's recent Young Professionals Summit in London.

Kristen Facciol, IET YP, reports on this year’s gathering of IET Young Professionals from around the world.

From 11-12 October, IET members from across the globe met in London for the Young Professionals Summit. With representatives from New Zealand, India, the Czech Republic, Canada, the US and the UK, the mood was set for a productive weekend.

I have only been a member of the IET for just over a year, and in this time have been quite involved, especially with Young Professional (YP) events. The Summit was the first of its kind that I have attended and I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunity.

The group was first introduced to the new concept of a Young Professionals Community Committee (YPCC). With a new structure, new members involved and a fresh set of responsibilities, I for one am very excited to see the results to come out of this group in the future. Of course, this could only be possible once a clear mission had been defined, which was the main agenda for Day One.

Once IET chief executive Nigel Fine and IET head of strategy Sarah Jenkins had given the attendees an overview of the IET’s vision, mission, values and strategy, the remainder of the day was spent in breakout sessions.

The breakout sessions focused on agreeing a mission statement and working together to develop the 'MOST' model for the YPCC (Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics).

An important focus of Day Two was our future collaborations with the IMechE as well as the development of the YP challenge. The group effectively contributed to brainstorming sessions regarding both initiatives, and a way forward has been established for each.

Although maybe not a direct focus of the Summit, one of the most important things I took away from the day was that the Americas region still requires a lot of development. Having had the opportunity to meet with and hear from members from such diverse backgrounds, I’ve learned that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to boost the profile of the IET in the Americas. The YP Summit was not only able to bring together a group of people to establish a future for the IET’s YPs, but the event was also able to bridge gaps across regions for a more cohesive group internationally.

The Summit, in my opinion, was really productive and all attendees left feeling we had truly accomplished something. I am definitely looking forward to the formation of the YPCC and to what it will contribute to the IET in the future.