Bringing new volunteers together

16 November 2013
IET Communications team
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IET Volunteer Induction attendees

Attendees at the recent IET Volunteer Induction day gather at the entrance to Michael Faraday House.

The IET has held its first ever Volunteer Induction day.

The IET has held its first ever Volunteer Induction day, as part of ongoing work to improve the support it gives its thousands of volunteers.

The event was held on Wednesday, 13 November at the Institution’s main UK office, Michael Faraday House in Stevenage.

It was an opportunity for new volunteers, or those who have just started new roles, to meet the IET staff team, network with other volunteers, and find out more about the IET.

Chaired by IET president Barry Brooks, the day included a special update on the IET’s vision and mission by chief executive Nigel Fine, and a presentation on what IET volunteering is like by Rhys Phillips.

Elsewhere the agenda focussed on the support and tools available to IET volunteers, and on providing information to help the attendees be ambassadors for the Institution. The broad range of volunteer roles available within the IET, in areas like mentoring, local and technical communities, policy and sectors, was also covered.

A total of 21 volunteers attended, with all presentations filmed by IET.tv to ensure that those who could not join in person would still be able to access the wealth of information shared.

Barry Brooks said: “This event was a major step forward in reinforcing the one team with which we are now routinely working. Briefings like this will help staff and volunteers to be more effective in what we seek to do. And, we saw that what we are doing - working to engineer a better world - is fun, enjoyable and very satisfying.”

The attendees took to Twitter after the event with some very positive feedback. David Whale described it as a “fantastic day”, adding that he was proud to be an IET member and volunteer. Adam Taylor said it was “inspiring stuff” that will help him in his work as an IET Schools Liaison Officer in Devon and Cornwall.

Now that this first event has taken place, it will be used as the basis for regular Volunteer Inductions in the future. If you would like to find out more, or have any suggestions, please email volunteer@theiet.org.


Supporting volunteer talent

The IET’s ongoing Volunteer Talent Support project aims to examine and enhance the way the Institution recruits, trains, supports, communicates with, and recognises its volunteers.

Another recent initiative of the project has been the production of a new Volunteer Handbook – a helpful guide to volunteering at the IET.