The new silk is knowledge

10 December 2013
The Drum Tower

The Drum Tower, Xi’an, Shaanxi province of China.

Prof Huang Jin and Dr Michele Fiorini

Prof Huang Jin and Dr Fiorini agree to further cooperation and exchange of knowledge between Italy and Xi’an IET members.

Xidian University and IET Italy join forces to facilitate cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

Shadowing the ancient road that begins in Chang’an (now Xi’an) politicians, entrepreneurs and scholars from across Asia and Europe gathered together at the recent Xi’an Qujiang International Conference Center for the 2013 Euro-Asia Economic Forum (EAEF-2013).

The Forum convened over 50 meetings covering a variety of different fields, including the opening ceremony, the Global Sustainable Monetary Summit, International Conference of New Energy, Clean Coal Technology Conference, Nanotechnology Assembly, Low Carbon Earth Summit, Land Bridge Logistics and Modern Service Conference, Sino-Italy Culture and Economic Development Forum and Think Tank Conferences of the Euro-Asia Economic Forum.

Session 6.1 of the Low Carbon Earth Summit was devoted to clean mobility and intelligent transport systems and chaired by IET Fellow Dr Michele Fiorini from Italy. Whilst at this huge event, Dr Fiorini endeavoured to make real the Forum’s theme of ‘deepening pragmatic cooperation and promoting common prosperity’ by approaching directly various local IET Communities during his presence in China. On Saturday 28 September 2013, together with Professor Huang Jin, deputy dean of the School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering of Xidian University, he visited the Research Institute on Mechatronics at the Xidian University Campus, Xi’an Shaanxi. The meeting was followed by a round table Q&A session with some young faculty members and PhD students on campus. Dr Fiorini talked briefly about the opportunities that the IET offers and invited students to follow the world famous ‘Silk Road’ from Asia to the Mediterranean region under the auspices of the IET. Dr Fiorini and Prof Huang agreed to facilitate the further cooperation and exchange of knowledge between Italy and Xi’an IET members.

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