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18 November 2013
IET Communications team
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Professor Will Stewart in the BBC studios

The IET's Professor Will Stewart being interviewed by the BBC.

A record month for the IET in the media.

October was the best ever month for IET media coverage, with over 450 mentions of the Institution across national, broadcast and trade media. 


Women in engineering on the BBC

The IET’s recent Parliamentary event, organised as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, invited MPs to sign a pledge to support engineering in their constituencies.

IET volunteer and Young Woman Engineer of the Year finalist Roma Agrawal appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme, alongside former home secretary David Blunkett MP and Peter Luff MP.

Roma told presenter Jo Cockburn: “I think people that can solve problems well, can analyse things and have a very logical mind are in high demand from any sort of our profession, and I think that is why a lot of our engineering graduates are snapped up by other professions.”

The Parliamentary event was also covered on BBC Breakfast television news and BBC Radio 5 Live, as well as other regional television and radio programmes.


Contactless card payments

New research on security concerns around the use of contactless cards, featured in The Journal of Engineering, was covered by BBC online, the Daily Telegraph and Yahoo. The Daily Telegraph piece stated:

In an article published today in the Journal of Engineering, the magazine of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, researchers said they "successfully received contactless transmission from distances of 45-80cm using inconspicuous equipment." The banking industry has always insisted the data on cards could only be read within 5cm distances.


Other news coverage

IET deputy president Professor William Webb and Communications Policy Panel chair Professor Will Stewart were both interviewed on separate editions of BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme about technology-related issues.

Chair of the IET’s Energy Policy Panel, Dr Simon Harrison, appeared live on the BBC News channel commenting on the news that China will be allowed to invest in the UK energy market. Commentary from Simon was also published in The Guardian.

International coverage was achieved in publications including Shenzhen Online, Southern China Net, China Power, The New Indian Express, The Hindu, The Hindu Business Line and The Financial Express.


Social media

The IET’s social media channels continue to grow in popularity. The Institution now has over 64,000 followers.

Two successful social media campaigns were run in the month of October. The first involved IET members and non-members asking their MPs directly on Twitter whether they would be attending the IET's parliamentary pledge-signing event. You can see all the action from the 'Tweet your MP for Engineering' Twitter campaign on the IET Storify page.

A #RealEngineer campaign was also run, asking for engineers to quash the stereotypes of hard hats and boiler suits by tweeting photos of themselves at work.

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