The IET Story

9 December 2013
The IET Story

The IET is working to engineer a better world.

IET corporate marketing manager Kate Berry explains how the IET is working to engineer a better world.

For over 140 years the IET has been inspiring, informing and influencing the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. With the complexity and diversity of the engineering world the role of the IET is more relevant now than it ever has been.
Through its vision, mission and values, and associated behaviours, the IET supports those who help make and shape the world we know today and the one we want for tomorrow. Engineering is an inspirational world to be a part of, whether you are a member of the profession or a member of the public.

Engineering and society

The IET seeks to communicate to wider society that engineering and technology not only help drive major advances across the globe, but continue to make differences daily in familiar places. Living and working smarter allows us to strike a more balanced life while achieving more. In this way engineers and technicians enrich our everyday lives, increasing the affordability of new technology for businesses and individuals, from healthcare equipment to computers in schools.
Engineering is a part of our everyday lives and the IET inspires the engineers of the future and today through our awards and scholarships, educational programmes, and the contribution of our volunteers.
As a trusted source of ‘essential engineering intelligence’ the IET informs academia and industry through our books, journals, events and standards.
The IET’s influence can be seen in the support of members throughout their careers as their Professional Home for Life. In addition, members provide expert opinion and comment to government and media alike. The extent of the IET’s influence is also demonstrated in the home with every electrician working to the IET Wiring Regulations.
Society needs engineers and engineering to provide solutions to the challenges of the modern age, driving the advances that make a difference to our daily lives and innovations that will have a major impact on the future.
Engineering needs the IET to provide knowledge, support standards and professionalism within the engineering community. Similarly, society needs the IET to promote the value of engineering, encouraging the uptake of STEM subjects, acting as a trusted source of comment for policy makers, as well as setting standards for the industry.

Focal point

To reflect the aims of its vision, mission and values, the IET has developed a new corporate identity entitled ‘The IET Story’, which complements existing products and services, raises brand awareness and highlights the importance of engineering to society.
A visual representation of ‘The IET Story’ has been designed representing the whole of engineering, and highlights the five sectors that provide a focal point for the IET: Information Technology, Built Environment, Design and Production, Energy and Transport.
It also demonstrates the IET’s global reach with buildings represented from around the world, with Savoy Place, London, at the heart of the image.
The image itself has been designed to work across platforms, from print to animation, video and augmented reality. Its bespoke design forms the IET’s logo, enhancing the IET’s brand wherever it is shown.
The elements of ‘The IET Story’ form part of an awareness-raising campaign for the IET, including engineering itself, but most importantly they are for our volunteers to use in promoting the IET. The following marketing tools are live and ready for use:

• ‘The IET Story’ video – an overarching video about the IET
IET animations – animations of the core corporate image
• IET rolling presentation – a dynamic presentation regularly updated to contain up-to-date information on the IET
• Member screensaver – the animation as a screensaver to download for your personal use.

All of these outputs can be downloaded from www.theiet.org/volunteers-branding with the potential uses for each element highlighted.
‘The IET Story’ is an important development in supporting the IET strategy, especially in demonstrating our relevance in the 21st century. Please share it with your colleagues, friends and family.

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