Reddy for combat

30 July 2013
Robbie Graham
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Bhargava Reddy, IET student member

Martial arts champion: IET student member Bhargava Reddy, right.

Member News catches up with IET student member following his recent triumph.

Bhargava Reddy, first year engineering student of Jain University, an IET India Academic Affiliate in Bangalore can’t stop smiling. After some gritty rounds of punching, kicking and knee strikes, this young martial arts champion has won two medals – a gold and a silver at the 33rd Asian Karate Championship 2013. The annual championship, organised by the Japan Shotokan Karate Association was held at Palakkad, Kerala.

Bhargava started learning Karate when he was just six years old and his following 13 years of hard work and determination have paid off. He won a gold medal in Team Fighting (black belt) and a silver medal in Individual Fighting (black belt -70 kg).

Over 1,000 karate enthusiasts from across the world participated in the 2013 Championship. Bhargava has over 20 national medals to his credit and has proven his mettle at the regional, state, national and inter-continental levels. He feels learning and practising Karate has helped him improve his concentration skills. He also believes that engaging in routine practice of this form of martial art has brought discipline and punctuality to his life thus boosting his self-confidence.

So, what are the champ’s dreams and ambitions? “My goal is to win a gold medal for my country in the international championship. My dream is also to start a Karate Academy to promote this form of martial arts and create better awareness about it. I feel the need for self-defence is very high in today’s world and I plan to initiate self-defence workshops for women.” When asked about his career ambitions, Bhargava says that he dreams of a career in defence. This engineering student has also been an active volunteer in social causes like ‘Stop Child Labour’. He dreams of representing India in the International Labour Organisation.

The IET congratulates Bhargava on his outstanding achievements and wishes him every success in all his personal and professional endeavours.