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23 July 2013
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MyCommunity: interact and engage with fellow engineering professionals.

IET marketing manager Alan Howard outlines the latest on MyCommunity, the IET’s online professional networking and collaboration platform.

Would you believe that over a year has passed since MyCommunity first burst onto the scene? To celebrate, we’d like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has joined the platform and encourage those of you who haven’t, to give it a try!

There are now over 11,900 users on the platform and 250+ online communities sharing some fantastic engineering and technology content. It’s a great way for you to interact and engage with professionals who share your passion for engineering and technology!

Enabling you to join communities and interact with fellow professionals online – MyCommunity allows you to take your pick from the numerous technical, local and specialist communities on offer. Browse the full list of communities and join in.

Sharing interests and knowledge

Join the debate or start one on a topic of your choice; add content you feel will interest, intrigue and inspire your peers; extend your professional network online: MyCommunity is being used in many different ways by different communities across the globe.

Congratulations to the IET Women’s Network, the most active community on the platform to date, based on their membership and discussions.

Likewise, the IET Manchester Network is also prolific in sharing files with their members. Topics have included SmartGrids and ‘Enhancing mobile broadband’. Take a look at their topical files!

MyCommunity is also keeping members up to date on global events within their chosen field. It enables you to stay informed of events near you.

The International Measurement Community has shared the most reviews with their community, focusing on books within this field - you can also post your own review.

Get active on MyCommunity and enjoy the discussion.