Time to say thank you

17 June 2013
IET Communications team
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Image showing a volunteer stepping forward

The IET celebrates Volunteers’ Week 2013.

Volunteers really are at the heart of everything the IET does.

With thousands of volunteers contributing daily to a tremendous array of events, meetings, schools activities, policy consultations, accreditations, qualifications, publications and a whole lot more, the Institution really couldn’t function without them.

The recent Volunteers’ Week 2013 was an opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to every volunteer who is part of the extended IET team - not just in the UK but around the world.

At the staff headquarters in the UK, there was a special event on Wednesday, 5 June to remind everyone who IET volunteers are and what they do, focusing on the current Volunteer Talent Support project.

The Volunteer Gateway area of the IET website was also officially re-launched. In the new Gateway, visitors will find a wealth of useful information, clearly organised under sections for current and potential volunteers.  

In Active volunteers, there are new pages like How the IET works, and much improved usability for areas like Resources.

In Get involved, IET members considering volunteering will be both informed and inspired – with notable pages including Meet the members, where some existing volunteers share their experiences.  


Improving support for IET volunteers

The aim of the abovementioned Volunteer Talent Support project is to make sure the IET recruits, supports and engages with its volunteers in the best possible ways.

Other project activities currently underway include the updating of essential policies, reviewing the way volunteers are recognised and thanked, and creating of a ‘Volunteer Handbook’, which will be a useful tool ahead of the redevelopment of volunteer induction and training practices.

The Volunteer Talent Support staff team are also working alongside colleagues in the IET’s professional development area to build on the very clear links between volunteering and career development.  

Sandra Godman, programme manager, said: “With the imminent launch of the new Career Manager V3 we hope members will use this fantastic new tool to record their volunteer activities as CPD. This will be particularly important for those working on developing their competences, as volunteering is a great way to expand on skills outside of a work context.”

To keep up to date on the project, please see the Volunteer Gateway’s dedicated area on Volunteer Talent Support.