Finding the student innovator of the year

27 March 2013
IET Communications team
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Logo for the IET Faraday competition

IET launches new competition for young people.

The IET has launched a new competition for 11-14 year olds - the Product Innovation Challenge.

The competition challenges entrants to identify a problem or opportunity relating to communication, and then use their engineering skills to develop a solution.

For example, young people could investigate:

  • Is there is a way communication between doctors and patients can be improved?
  • Would climbers and hikers benefit from an electronic tagging system?
  • Can a device be created to track lost pets?

Not only will the overall winner of the competition be crowned IET Faraday Student Innovator of the Year, they will also win an iPad for themselves and £500 (or equivalent) for their school, to spend on Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) activities.

Holly Margerison, education manager at the IET, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for aspiring engineers to get thinking and devise a product or invention that could really improve communications of the future.”

The Product Innovation Challenge is just one of many educational initiatives run by the IET to encourage young people into careers in STEM.

The start of the competition coincides with the launch of the brand new IET Faraday website. The revamped site offers a wealth of teaching resources, including award-winning short films, hand-outs and classroom presentations. These resources help teachers to demonstrate examples of real life engineering.