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23 April 2013
IET Wireless Sensor Systems Journal

The rapidly growing field of wireless sensor networks and distributed systems.

IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Journal

Current practice and future developments in electric power generation, transmission and distribution.

IET announces new editors-in-chief to drive its journals IET Wireless Sensor Systems and IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution to new heights.

Two new editors-in-chief have been appointed to two of the IET’s academic journals. Professor Christian Rehtanz has been named the co-editor-in-chief of IET Generation Transmission & Distribution, a journal focusing on current practice and future developments in electric power generation, transmission and distribution. Associate Professor Sherali Zeadally is the new editor-in-chief of IET Wireless Sensor Systems, a journal covering the rapidly growing field of wireless sensor networks and distributed systems.

Professor Rehtanz, who heads the Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics at Technical University Dortmund in Germany, is an eminent expert in the field of electrical power systems and power economics. Commenting on his appointment he said: "The IET Generation, Transmissions & Distribution journal is an important forum for the dissemination of the latest scientific and technical results in the area of power and energy systems. The shift of the current power and energy systems towards renewable energy and smart grids provides endless topics of interest for authors and readers. It is our job to share this insight and ultimately help to drive innovation in this field.”

The appointment of Associate Professor Sherali Zeadally, from the University of the District of Columbia, USA, will give a renewed impetus to the growth and development of this relatively new journal. The journal was launched to cover the research, engineering and technological developments in, and innovative deployment of, distributed sensor and actuator systems – areas which are specific to Professor Zeadally’s experience, having written research papers funded by the likes of NASA, Cisco, HP and Microsoft , IBM and others.

Associate Professor Zeadally explained: “It is an honour to take over as the editor-in-chief of IET Wireless Sensor Systems. Billions of wireless sensors are being deployed in a wide range of application domains including agriculture, healthcare, military, environment etc., resulting in a multi-billion dollar industry with research and development spending alone exceeding one billion dollars. It is my hope that this high quality journal will continue to publish the state-of-the art results from both industry and academia in the growing field of wireless sensor networks and distributed systems."

Kruna Vukmirovic, the IET's journal development editor added: “IET Generation Transmission & Distribution and IET Wireless Sensor Systems cater to increasingly important areas of research for the engineering community. Bringing outstanding individuals on board to nurture these journals will help get the most innovative research out into the field. I have every confidence that appointing Professor Zeadally and Professor Rehtanz as editors-in-chief of their respective journals , and at the same time adding open access publishing options to these journals will give us the best chance of accommodating the range of papers in these fast growing research areas.”
For more information on IET Generation Transmission & Distribution please visit: www.ietdl.org/IET-GTD, and for IET Wireless Sensor Systems: www.ietdl.org/IET-WSS

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