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13 July 2013
IET Marketing team
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Core image of The IET Story

The core image of 'The IET Story'.

Details of a new corporate identity for the IET, 'The IET Story'.

The IET has recently launched the first elements of a new corporate identity entitled 'The IET Story', to complement existing products and services, raise brand awareness and highlight the importance of engineering to society.

Until now the IET has concentrated on marketing its products and services to its members and other customers. The IET Story sits above product marketing and looks at the relationship between the IET, engineering and society, showing the relevance of the Institution in the 21st Century.

Society needs engineers and engineering to provide solutions to the challenges of the modern age through innovation. The IET Story shows how the IET plays a vital role in this, providing knowledge, support and professionalism within the engineering community. It also demonstrates how the IET works with society at large – promoting the value of engineering, encouraging the uptake of STEM subjects, acting as a trusted source of comment for policy makers, as well as setting standards for the industry. 


Core image

The IET Story's core image (shown above) has been developed to represent the whole of engineering and includes the five sectors that provide a focal point for the IET. It also highlights the IET’s global reach with buildings represented from around the world, with Savoy Place at the heart of the image.

The image itself has been designed to work 'cross platform', from print to animation, video and augmented reality; this can be seen here in this animation.

Its bespoke design forms the IET logo to enhance the Institution's brand wherever it is shown.


Materials available

The outputs from The IET Story form part of an awareness-raising campaign for the IET, and engineering itself, but most importantly they have been designed to enable the IET's members to promote the IET.

The following outputs are live and ready for use:

* IET Story video - an overarching video on the IET
* IET animations - animations of the core corporate image
* IET rolling presentation - a dynamic and regularly updated presentation containing information on the IET
* Member screen saver - the animation as a screen saver for use by members

You can download these items from the Volunteer Gateway, where you'll also find the potential uses for each one highlighted.


Spread the word

The IET Story is an important marketing development in supporting the IET Strategy and especially demonstrating the Institution's relevance in the 21st Century.

Please share The IET Story with your colleagues, friends and family.


Find out more on IET.tv

The IET's corporate marketing manager, Kate Berry, talked about The IET Story at the Institution's recent UK Communities Together event. You can view the presentation on IET.tv.