IEng milestone

25 March 2013
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The IET’s professional engineer register has increased by over 1000 new Incorporated Engineers, an important milestone.

By the end of January 2013 the IET’s professional engineer register had increased by over 1000 new Incorporated Engineers (IEngs) over a three-year period, the first time this milestone has been achieved since 2003.

This success is set within a backdrop of improving numbers of registrations across the board in recent years and the IET’s IEngs represent the fourth largest group of professional engineers within the Engineering Council’s annual statistics.

The IET has strongly supported Advanced Apprenticeships for Technicians and is delighted to see this increase in registrations which will provide additional opportunity for Incorporated Engineer registration at an earlier career stage from individuals completing that scheme. The IET has also pioneered the recognition of competent work practice during vocational degree courses for Engineering Technician (EngTech) registration.

It is interesting to note that when apprenticeships (including student apprenticeships) were more widely available, over 30 per cent of new Engineering Council registrants each year were IEng.