Engineering Golfing Society

9 April 2013
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Playing golf

The Engineering Golfing Society is always keen to attract new members.

Engineering Golfing Society trophy table

Engineering Golfing Society trophies: front centre shows the President's Challenge Cup (presented to the EGS in 1907 by Sir Alexander Kennedy) and the Wilson Challenge Cup (presented to the EGS in 1907 by Reginald Wilson).

Founded in 1907, the Engineering Golfing Society is still going strong.

In today's fast-paced world taking a day off to play golf can be a welcome treat. The 150-year-old Engineering Golfing Society provides the opportunity to play golf with fellow engineer members and their guests, sharing in one another’s company.

The Engineering Golfing Society is always keen to attract new members, welcoming all chartered engineers and other professionals with an engineering degree and a club handicap; and is particularly pleased to have recently welcomed its first female member. The Society holds regular meetings at some of the UK’s top 100 golf clubs, including Hunstanton, Porters Park, Formby and Woking. In addition, next year a golf tour to the USA is being organised, a first for the Society.

This year sees the Society’s first American president appointed: Ken DeGhetto, a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Ken was appointed chief executive of Foster Wheeler UK over 40 years ago and is a keen golfer, and a member of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club. One of his close English business contacts proposed him for the Society in 1970 and despite a return to the States as chief executive of the parent company, he has remained an active Society member ever since. At the age of 87, he still comes to Britain to play, as well as R&A meetings at St Andrews.

For more information and subscription details, the membership secretary can be contacted directly through the Society’s website at www.engineeringgolfingsociety.co.uk