Providing expert advice for legal disputes

22 March 2013
IET Communications team
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The Royal Courts of Justice

An overview of the IET’s Dispute Resolution Service.

As part of its charitable remit, the IET offers a free-of-charge search service for people and organisations needing technical expertise to solve legal disputes.

The ‘Dispute Resolution Service’ matches clients in need of technical expertise with specialists from a range of different fields.

It typically covers areas such as electrical equipment failures, computing and networking service provision, safety and specification of electrical installations, electronic control systems, and computer based billing systems.

Disputes can range from a simple failure of a product or service an individual has purchased, through to multimillion pound disputes associated with equipment failures, which can in turn lead to disputes around contract detail and liability.

In order to remain fair and impartial, clients of the service are typically presented with a choice of two or more experts to choose from, with whom they can then engage to obtain the technical expertise they require.

Whilst the IET assists individual members of the public through the service, most of its work involves SMEs and corporate entities.

IET policy advisor Alan Berry said: “The Dispute Resolution Service is just one of many things the IET does to prove ourselves as an authoritative voice on trusted engineering intelligence. Some disputes are very complex and need specialist expertise to resolve. We hope by providing this service, many disputes can be settled without having to progress to court.”


More information

You can find out more about the service within the Policy area of the IET website.