Savoy Place upgrade

11 February 2013
IET Communications team
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Andy Hopper and Isobel Pollock sign MoU

New MoU: IET and IMechE presidents Professor Andy Hopper and Professor Isobel Pollock.

Refurbishment news and an update on closer working with the IMechE.

As previously reported on Member News online, the IET has been undertaking a feasibility study into a comprehensive refurbishment of its London headquarters, IET London: Savoy Place.

At the end of 2012 a ‘design freeze’ came into effect on certain aspects of the upgrade project, to enable more cost certainty going forward.

At its meeting in early February 2013, the IET Board of Trustees considered input from Council and the Finance & Investment Committee, before approving the project to move onto the construction phase. This means that a series of removal and relocation procedures for the building will now commence, ahead of its expected closure in July 2013.

The project will bring the building up to modern standards including introducing integrated ventilation, heating and cooling systems; upgrading IT and AV systems; rationalising the layout of the building; introducing new central lifts; and creating a new second theatre/Council Chamber to allow an integrated suite of 'Member First’ facilities to be brought together on the second floor.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has offered to provide a temporary London home for the IET from mid-2013 for the duration of the two year project, at its headquarters in One Birdcage Walk.


Closer working with the IMechE  

The potential temporary co-location of the IET and the IMechE at One Birdcage Walk will enable the IET to retain a London presence and maintain its event portfolio and facilities for members.

In addition, sharing the building will also allow the two Institutions to pursue closer working, for the good of the engineering profession.

To this end, a new Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the IET and IMechE’s presidents, Professor Andy Hopper and Professor Isobel Pollock.

In a joint statement, they said: “The IET and IMechE are committed to developing a closer working partnership, deepening our collaboration on activities, encouraging knowledge exchange between our communities and pooling resources to increase our ability to generate and apply engineering knowledge to the benefit of humankind. This will deliver a stronger voice for engineering.”

Closer working on areas such as events and policy will further the aims of each Institution, thus bringing greater benefits to their 250,000 members, the engineering profession, other key stakeholders and the wider public.


Next steps

The refurbishment project is still in its design stages, and now entering RIBA stage E+. Tenders will be prepared for a separate strip-out contract to commence once the building is closed so that the main works can be tendered with better knowledge of the underlying state of the building fabric.
A new project is also being established to look at the use and re-launch of the building following refurbishment, to focus on delivering ‘benefits in use’ for the IET.


More information

A special web area has been set up for the Savoy Place upgrade project. In this area, IET members can learn more about the many benefits the project will provide, take a look at the proposed floor plans and design concepts, and then submit comments, questions, feedback or ideas.

Frequently asked question (FAQ) documents are also available for the overall project and the potential temporary co-location with the IMechE.

Please visit www.theiet.org/sp-upgrade and submit any feedback via refurb@theiet.org